About group

ROLT Group is a multifield engineering and production association specializing in the implementation of complex projects in the field of energy supply and energy management.

ROLT group includes manufacturing, engineering and service enterprises united on the principle of vertical integration. Thanks to this principle a complete technological cycle in the implementation of complex engineering projects is realized - from design documentation development and manufacturing by its own production facilities to commissioning and further facility maintenance.

Currently there are more than 600 employees in ROLT group, including 300 service support specialists in Kolomna (Moscow region) where all main production facilities, service base and central spare parts and tools warehouse are located.

The mission of ROLT group is to provide energy independence and enterprise efficiency by implementing innovative solutions to autonomous generation, management and energy distribution systems, as well as providing the best services for the operation and maintenance of customer's energy facilities at the highest level.

History of the company

  • Today ROLT group is: 

     7 companies in the field of small energy, mechanical engineering and logistics; 

     9 offices in key regions of Russia; up to 19 power plants enabling to manufacture in its own production facilities; 

     total electrical capacity of objects is 450 MW; 

     40 energy facilities on service; 

     7 objects in day and night operation with a total capacity of more than 200 MW.

  • New production and logistics complex of ROLT is officially put into operation. All production facilities, service infrastructure, finished goods and components warehouse are migrated to the new site.

  • ROLT is finally organized in the form of a holding headquartered in Moscow. ROLT gets the status of an official service partner of MTU onsite energy that is the largest European manufacturer of gas and diesel generator sets.

  • ROLT develops partnership with "Russian copper company" which decided to construct energy centers to supply its companies in Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Orenburg region. ROLT sets up regional representations in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg for managing these projects.

  • ROLT wins the public tender for the operation and maintenance of energy equipment in the oil fields exploited by PJSC "Novosibirskneftegas". According to the signed contract ROLT takes into operation 32 units with total installed capacity over 40 MW.

    Separate subdivision begins to work in Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region.

  • On the outdoor exhibition area "NEFTEGAZ-2012" ROLT officially presents the modular gas-reciprocating power plant ROLT PSG 1200 with heat recovery system, and in 2013 the company presents ROLT PSG 2000 with heat recovery system.

  • Long-term contract for service and maintenance of the generating, drilling and compressor equipment of CJSC Rusburmash (drilling for uranium wells) is signed.

  • ROLT signs a contract for production, supply and commissioning of 40 modular gas power plants and diesel power plants with a total capacity of over 35 MW for "NK Alliance" ("Pechoraneft").

  • New assembly plant in Kolomna, Moscow region. Start of modular power plants of 340-2000 kW capacity serial production. The contracts for the execution of works on energy supply of 34 state facilities in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are signed.

  • More than 50 major repairs of internal combustion engines in gas compressor stations and power plants are conducted.

  • The number of service technicians increases to 42 persons. More than 120 MW of gas and diesel equipment is in operation. Personnel training is carried out in training centers of the major manufacturers of power equipment.

  • Foundation of the company, the first ROLT office is opened in Moscow. In 2003-2009 the company wins a number of tenders in Kazakhstan for the supply, operation and maintenance of energy centers and compressor stations for oil and gas production fields developed by KazMunaiGaz, PetroKazakhstan and others.

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