ROLT offers deliveries of cabinet medium and low voltage equipment in its own unit modules and as individual assemblies or cabinets. ROLT implements projects for construction and supply of high-voltage switchgears with voltage 35 – 220 kV of open-type or in separate buildings.


0,4 kV 0,4 kV 6,3 kV 6,3 kV 10,5 kV 10,5 kV 35 kV 35 kV 110; 220 kV 110; 220 kV


  • Normal operation at temperatures from -60 to +400C
  • Convenient transportation by any mode of transport (air, rail, water transport)
  • Full readiness - quick start, from manufacturing to commissioning
  • Protection against short circuits, overloads, voltage control, load transfer automation is provided

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